Leeds-based creative enterprise Emily Farncombe Upholstery was awarded the Emerging Enterprise category in the Leeds 2010 Emerging Artist Awards. Rejuvenating furniture with a mixture of upholstery and renovation, Emily uses original ideas to breathe fresh life into old, worn furniture, stylishly blending contemporary ideas with classic design.

Emily specialises in restoration of antique furniture, but uniquely uses fresh fabrics and lines to create a more contemporary feel. A strong supporter of ethical and environmentally friendly working practices, Emily’s business helps her clients to work against our throwaway society by helping them to recycle items of furniture.

Following a background in Fine Art, during which time she specialised in textiles and sculpture, Emily studied contemporary upholstery, furniture design and antique restoration at The Lancashire College of Furniture Construction.

Since re-training she has been mentored by Cumbria-based upholsterer Steve Ball; a fearless mountaineer in his spare time, Steve has been a huge inspiration to Emily, sharing both her love of beautiful furniture and discovering the great outdoors.

Emily Farncombe